Transgender Children Living Openly Doing Well, Study Shows

Transgender Children Living Openly Are Doing Well, Study Shows | KQED Parents who had suspected their children might be transgender and began research on their own would find depressing mental health outcomes, until now. “Those felt like terrifying statistics to hold as a parent,” said Alison Pennington, 42, of Oakland, one of the families in … Read more

Virginia Lawmakers: ‘Adults Must Check Children’s Private Parts Before Entering Restroom’

Virginia lawmakers: ‘Adults must check children’s private parts before entering restroom’ Republican lawmakers in Virginia seem intent on one-upping Indiana in their quest to publicly shame trans people. Earlier this week, lawmakers in the Hoosier State introduced a bill that would fine transgender adults $5000 for using public restrooms. Now, lawmakers in Virginia want to … Read more

Transgender Children Can’t Wait for Schools to Change

Transgender Children Can’t Wait for Schools to Change Two and a half years. That’s the average wait time for a transgender child in my region to be seen and assessed by a psychiatrist who specializes in gender dysphoria. What can happen in two and a half years? I have a transgender child.

Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program

Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program The Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program continues to be supported by contributions from Phoenix Pride and community members who are committed to expanding the educational opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. The program is currently seeking to increase partnerships with philanthropic individuals, corporations, organizations, and foundations to raise scholarship funding for LGBTQ+ students … Read more

A New American Apartheid?

A New American Apartheid? This week, lawmakers in South Dakota voted to enact the twenty-first century’s version of “whites only” legislation, passing the first anti-transgender bathroom bill in American history. Now, there should be nationwide pressure upon that state’s governor Dennis Daugaard to reject this disgraceful law, with its roots in racially segregated bathrooms and … Read more

The New Gender Binary

The New Gender Binary When I first started blogging about my adventures in raising a gender creative son, I wasn’t very educated when it came to gender. All I knew is that I wanted everybody to be cool with my then-3-year-old son wearing a dress and loving the Disney Princesses.

Study from Harvard and Yale shows positive psychological effects of hormone therapy in transgenders

Study shows positive psychological effects of hormone therapy in transgender individuals Transgender individuals may experience significant improvement in psychological functioning after as little as three to six months of hormone therapy, with improved quality of life reported within 12 months of initiating therapy by both female-to-male and male-to-female transgender individuals, according to an article published … Read more