About Us

Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization is a support group to empower children, teens and their families in a supportive and inclusive environment in which gender may be freely expressed and respected.

We are a family support group for families with gender diverse children. We provide a supportive environment for children, adolescents, and their families to explore issues of gender identity.

The group is held once a month and is comprised of a peer support group for the parents and a supervised interactive social/play group for the youth and children. Siblings age 12 and younger are also welcome.

Parents, legal guardians and extended family can discuss the challenging issues, raise questions, seek and share resources, and listen to the experiences of others. By talking to each other and sharing experiences, a family can best support their children in their gender identity and gender expression.

All are welcome along the spectrum of acceptance and understanding. This is safe place to express fear and confusion as well as ask questions.

The meetings take place in Phoenix on the 2nd and 4th Sundays every month via Zoom.

Vision & Mission

AZTYPO’s Vision

To ensure all our children respected and valued for who they are.

AZTYPO’s Mission

To support the families and friends of transgender children by building a safe space to share our hopes and dreams, our challenges and successes, and by educating our community to ensure that our kids thrive.


The Arizona Trans Youth & Parent Organization was started in 2010 by Tammy Janssen to support her son, Max, in his transition. As a parent of a transgender child, Tammy found herself suddenly confronted with an array of questions and little to no support to find answers. She decided to start a support group comprised of a small handful of parents all facing the same questions, concerns, hopes and fears.

Her group grew steadily as a way to for parents to share information on resources, to collaborate and support each other when facing challenges, and to collectively celebrate their successes.

Tammy left the group in January 2016 to be closer to her family. Since then, AZTYPO has continued to grow steadily and build upon the foundation that she established. We currently support roughly 100 families from Phoenix and the surrounding area.

We advocate for positive change in our local schools by providing training and educational sessions for teachers, administrators, and staff. We readily support initiatives in the community that aim to promote awareness of transgender issues. Our goal is to support the friends and family of transgender children directly by providing a safe space where they can find answers to their questions, and indirectly by pushing for societal change in creating a trans-inclusive environment for our kids.

In the Media

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