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TransParent – Echo Magazine

By Megan Wadding, September 2016 Issue. There was a new walking group in this year’s Phoenix Pride parade. They wore pink or blue t-shirts bearing their name: Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization (AZTYPO). While they’ve existed in one form or another for quite some time, this support group for parents and family members of transgender and gender-nonconforming children is just getting started.

Caitlyn Jenner Had a Glamorous Coming Out, but What About Other Transgender People?

Sex and suicide have no natural link. They don’t go together any more than date and rape, unless . . . Unless you are transgender. If you know an individual who is transgender, your that person is likely to attempt suicide at a rate that, in sheer scope, invites comparison…

Back to School – Echo Magazine

Transgender activist and scholarship recipient Max Janssen makes the transition from high school to college. Moving away from home, making new friends, paying bills and learning to cook are just some of the challenges students face as they leave high school and head off to college.

Becoming Max: Confronting gender identity disorder

Max Janssen stood in the middle of the dimly lit stage in his 8:50 a.m. acting class, hunching his shoulders like 15-year-old boys do. He was supposed to give this three-minute monologue yesterday, but he chickened out. “My teacher called my name, and it sort of hit me what I was going to do,” Max said.