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GLSEN – Phoenix

GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) was founded in 1990 by a small, but dedicated group of teachers in Massachusetts who came together to improve an education system that too frequently allows its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students to be bullied, discriminated against, or fall through the cracks.

Over 25 years later, that small group has grown into the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students.

We face a pervasive problem with a set of new challenges. 8 out of 10 LGBT students are still harassed at school each year because of who they are.

We are working to change that.

At GLSEN, we want every student, in every school, to be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow.

We accomplish our goals by working in hallways across the country — from Congress and the Department of Education to schools and district offices in your community — to improve school climate and champion LGBT issues in K-12 education.

Phoenix Chapter

GLSEN PhoenixP.O. Box 2386Phoenix, AZ 85002Phone: 602-705-9780Email: info@glsenphoenix.orgFollow us @GLSEN_Phoenix   



One*n*Ten is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. We provide youth with tools to improve self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Youth range in age from 14 to 24. We create a safe space, mentally and physically, for youth of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our weekly discussion groups cover a wide range of social, educational, health and community issues.

Youth with particular needs have the option to speak with peers or volunteers one-on-one, in a supervised setting. We offer resources for healthy living and making healthy choices, as well as fun social networking opportunities that develop leadership skills.


Today’s Youth. Tomorrow’s Future.

Trans* Group

UPDATED: Group is from 10AM to 12PM on Sunday, August 13th Mission: To provide youth with resources for what may come through gender expression or gender transition. To provide a safe space to achieve their own transition or gender identities and create acceptance of themselves and tolerance of others.



Founded in 1972 with the simple act of a mother publicly supporting her gay son, PFLAG is the nation’s largest family and ally organization.

Uniting people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) with families, friends, and allies, PFLAG is committed to advancing equality through its mission of support, education, and advocacy.

PFLAG Phoenix Arizona, support, education, advocacy for parents, families and friends of LGBT and GSM – Parents, Families, Friends and Allies United with LGBTQ People to Move Equality Forward!

Parents, Families, Friends and Allies United with LGBTQ People to Move Equality Forward!

Rebel & Divine Shoe and Clothing Boutique

Shoe & Clothing Boutique

Our trans* focused shoe and clothing boutique is a safe, welcoming space where LGBTQAI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, ally, or intersex) youth and young adults can ‘shop’ for gently used and/or new clothing and shoes. We also have socks and underwear, toiletries, and other items specifically related to our trans* community.

Religion and Spirituality

List Churches by U.S. State / Canadian Province –

The intent of our Affirming Church Directory™ is to provide an online directory so people can locate and visit welcoming Christian churches around the world. We list congregations that meet on a regular basis in a physical location for worship, prayer, service and fellowship.

Welcoming Church Map | Believe Out Loud

ABC-American Baptist Church, ALL-Alliance of Baptists, COB-Church of the Brethren, COC-Community of Christ, DOC-Disciples of Christ, ELCA-Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, FELL-The Fellowship, MC-Mennonite Church, MCC-Metropolitan Community Church, NON-Nondenominational, PCUSA-Presbyterian Church (USA), QUA-Quaker, RCA-Reformed Church in America, TEC-The Episcopal Church, UCC-United Church of Christ, UMC-United Methodist Church, UU-Unitarian Universalist

TransSpectrum of Arizona

Trans Spectrum of Arizona

I sat near a lovely young transgender woman as she waited for her surgery consult. She was anxious. She tugged at her skirt and flipped through dated magazines without reading the words. Her plans for that consult would make her more true to herself, more authentic in her identity, more feminine to the viewing world.


TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA)

TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA)
Great information as well as TYFA_talk for online support group with other families across the country.

TransYouth Family Allies

TransYouth Familiy Allies